Find Cheap Tickets from London to Manchester and save money

London to Manchester is one of the most popular train routes. A lot of people travel between London and Manchester for business, leisure or to visit family and friends.

It is not that difficult to find cheap train tickets to Manchester and London, especially if you book in advance. The journey from London to Manchester (and vice versa) takes between two and a half hours and 3 and a half hours. Most trains depart or arrive in London's Euston station and Manchester Piccadilly.

No need to fly

A lot of people fly between London and Manchester. In fact, one the reason's why Heathrow Airport needs to be expanded is to cater for these flights.

Traveling by train is far better for the environment. It can also be far easier to get to a train station and hop on a train then it is to get to an airport and que for a plane. When you take into account the extra commuting time to the airport and waiting time, traveling by train between London and Manchester does not take much longer. And if can be easier on the pocket if you can find a cheap train ticket.